Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Jan 11

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:
Like they say that rats leave the sinking ship, so I can understand why thirty-six air hostesses have left KingFisher Airlines. What baffles me is why they have joined Air India which is another sinking ship.
Like Air India pilots have not been paid their salaries for a few months. And what a fall it is from being labelled as the highest paid employees – they were envied by many till recently.
Like it must be a tragic experience to the employees of Air India and KingFisher to move from subject of envy to subject of pity. And this is solely due to gross mismanagement. Unfortunately both Praful Patel and Vijay Mallya who should and must own their responsibility in creating this state of affairs will remain unaffected.
Like the law of averages is working feverishly. Air India pilots get paid very high salaries but now no salaries; Indian cricket team wins the world cup and loses six matches in a row; Anna Hazare rises to the crest of popularity and now falls! Anything that goes up will surely come down!!
Like there was so much noise about the pregnancy and delivery of Aishwarya. Does anyone know what the name of Aishwarya’s baby is?
Like Anuj Bidve’s death was tragic, and what stands out in the tragedy was the dignified manner in which the family handled the difficult time of their lives. And also the way British Police handled the communication with the family.
Like the mercury in Mumbai is dipping which is [also!] a great encouragement to tipplers!
And finally, the only healthy trend I see is that there is a growing craze to run marathons. And there is an underlying unsaid statement that if you are not running you are not young!!