Mr. Vivek Patwardhan “Srujan Consulting” helped us to co-evolve “Performance Management System with our Senior Management Group (SMG). His approach was innovative and his facilitation of the process very imaginative. He has also helped us implement PMS effectively.



Ashok K. Goyal, HiTtech Plast Limited
Managing Director

I first met Vivek when I was invited to design a course aimed at empowering managers to make development plans for themselves and their subordinates after their 360 Appraisal. In the course of the design meetings and subsequently the programs themselves, I met many managers of Asian Paints including Vivek’s direct reports and what struck me was the degree of genuine respect they all bore for him as a person and business leader. As I got to know Vivek better and our relationship changed from that of client-consultant to an abiding friendship of more than a decade, I could see the reason for this respect. Vivek’s single biggest quality is that he walks his talk. He is a man who lives his values and it shows. His second outstanding quality is his genuine concern for people which transcends organizational needs. People sense this and appreciate it and respect him for it. Vivek is a writer in Marathi as well as English and as with most multi-lingual people has a breath of understanding of cultures and societies that enables him to span the East and the West and synthesize the best of both. I believe that is the reason Vivek is the ideal coach for anyone who is genuinely interested in his/her own development and is willing to work on it.

Mirza Yawar Baig, Yawar Baig & Associates

Working with Vivek is different, he understands the rational and emotional equally well; he touches real issues facing people with courage of conviction, and has a bent of mind which has in it to swim against the current. His thinking process is ‘Do I make a difference? Do I touch the lives of people?” and he does all this for the joy of it. He reads people and situations exceptionally well and has the ability to see things differently and share his thoughts in a manner that is unique.

Suresh Ogale, Technova Imaging Systems [Pvt.] Ltd.
Chief HR Officer

I consult V.S. Patwardhan often on areas relating to Organisation Culture, Conflicts, Training and Industrial Relations. I receive from him not only the solutions to the issues but, more importantly, he helps me gain insights in HR Management, enriching and enlightening me in the process.

Vilas Dhavale, Lord India Chemicals
Managing Director