The (b)old and (be)wild(ered)!

I went to Crossword bookshop where I saw the book ‘Blog Wild’ authored by Andy Wibbels. I found it particularly useful because I was looking for a similar book. New to ‘Blogosphere’ I had several unspoken queries and doubts. Many of them are answered by this book.

Let me declare to the world that I am not this book’s salesman. I found it useful and there must be many like me who are considered by the younger generation to be Tech Dinosaur who will find this meeting their requirement, so my recommendation.

My notes are given below. These are not meant to be review or a gist. Nevertheless a reader [or hopefully, readers] will find these notes useful.

For complete overview of Legal and Ethical issues involved with Blogging:: ‘Legal Guide for Bloggers’ at

Blog Ecosystems [sites that monitor millions of blogs], a list::,,,

Blog Search Engines and Directories::,,

Large corporations allow employees to blog about their working experience See::,

For a complete guide to making blogging an occupation through building your own blogging empire Six Figure Blogging

The author recommends ‘beginning bloggers’ commit to writing at least three posts each week Why not? Go ahead and Try!!!

Traffic and Statistics: Some platforms track where your blog’s traffic is coming from so you can see what pages are most popular and what search engines/ sites are sending your traffic Add a site meter graphic to your blog:,,

Notify that you have added a post, new content [pinging],,,

And if you found my notes useful [or otherwise], do leave a comment!
Go Blogging!

Old men like me are getting increasingly bold in their internet usage.