The First One

How does it feel when one writes his [her] first post for his [or her] blog?

Something indescribable! It is like you are writing personal letters with the knowledge that they are being read by people!! If you have stayed in a hostel, perhaps this may have happened to you. Some mischievous hostel-mates open letters [with e-mails making written letters redundant, this ‘pleasure’ is taken away] in the hope of discovering the ‘secrets’ of their classmate. When your letters were opened you frowned upon the mischief-makers.

Situation here is diametrically opposite. When you are writing your first post, you are willingly opening out your little world to people. So there are no mischievous classmates to peep into your secrets, but you want people to read, share your feelings and respond.

What changes inside us to move from resisting intrusion of privacy to inviting unknown people to share our world? What makes us move from the fear of sharing as students to the hope of sharing as bloggers? Is it a mature mind trying to explore several aspects of an issue, concern, feeling or event to gain its better understanding?

The word is ‘understanding’, it holds key in my opinion. This is what Osho says about ‘understanding’:

‘The word ‘understand’ is beautiful. When you are in meditation everything “stands under” you, you are far above it. That’s the meaning of understanding. Everything is there far below you, so you can see… have a bird’s eye view. You can see the whole from your altitude. Intellect cannot see it; it is on the same plane. Understanding happens only when the problem is on one plane and you are on a higher plane. If you are functioning on the same plane as the problem, understanding is not possible. You will only misunderstand.’

To me engaging in a meaningful or rather ‘meaning-discovering’ dialogue is a form of meditation. Dynamic meditation as Osho calls it. Let us hope that sharing my issues, concerns and feelings with you will produce a dialogue leading to greater understanding.

To share my little world, obviously I must speak out first. This is why this blog is titled Vivek-uvaach! Readers of this post will be familiar with the story of Mahabharat in which the war between Kauravas and Pandavas was described by Sanjay to Dhritarashtra, the blind king. The words that appear there are ‘Sanjay uvaach’ meaning Sanjay spoke. [That explains why this blog is called Vivek-uvaach] This metaphor is apt I think. I will describe my reflections, thoughts, feelings to the reader [or readers, let us be optimistic about having more than one!] who could not have known those but for my posts on this blog.