The Fool and The Powerful

As the first round of Jaya Vs Raj Thackray battle got over sometime ago, Jaya should have realised that she was fighting a losing battle. As a celebrity she had fewer weapons in her hand than her politically ambitious, popular and charismatic young opponent. She should have also realised that she was an easy target and one that was already marked.

At this stage many Maharashtrians thought that Raj was playing a political game, one in which he was aiming to get larger following. After all it is easy to organise people to do something ‘against’ rather than to do something ‘for’, and a good politician knows it. Jaya, an MP, should have recognised this simple rule. The snide remark Jaya made which got telecast several times was perhaps an impulsive act. Before she could understand the import of what she had done so foolishly, she had played into the hands of the powerful.

Notwithstanding what they may talk in TV shows, I can say with confidence that Jaya has managed to anger a very substantial number of Marathi speaking people who were otherwise indifferent to the duel, if not sympathetic to her. For Raj Thackray this was a golden opportunity and he did not waste his time. He demanded an apology from Jaya. She must display a penitent heart and visible remorse in front of all, he is demanding!

The premier of Amitabh’s film is cancelled. Raj’s men have gone on a rampage. This over-reaction by Raj and his men will result in their losing sympathy.

The people are watching helplessly!

And the Government of Maharashtra is also watching helplessly!

When leaders are ineffective, the most unreasonable person wins!