The Leaders in Limericks

I wrote one Limerick on Vilasrao Deshmukh. Some people in office told me that they enjoyed reading it. So one more was written, on Achuthanandan on this occasion. It has got a fabulous response, in the form of limericks!

It is unfair that those limericks should remain hidden in comments so I have copied and pasting them here, needless to say that the credits are mentioned.

When I first read the word limerick I had to open the dictionary, I did not know its meaning. Then at a later date a Parsi friend lent me his books, two big volumes of limericks! They were funny, naughty and were classified by subjects covered. If my memory serves me right, he obtained those volumes from Strand Book Stall in Mumbai. Reading those was equal to roaring laughter and on many occasions I could not read further because I could not stop laughing.

Then I started writing limericks. One incident I must share:
I once met a teacher from Kerala in a training program. During one session, she narrated a tragic story of how as a child she was cleaning a mirror and it slipped from her hands and broke. Breaking a mirror is considered a bad omen. Her mother, frowning at the young girl, remarked that she was ugly anyway and had no business to look into the mirror. This comment hurt the girl very badly. When I met her at the training program she was over 50 years of age, but carried the deep hurt in her heart and the wound was bleeding! I felt bad as she was narrating the incident and her feelings. To lighten the serious atmosphere and to make her laugh I wrote a limerick on that incident with a twist, as she completed her story. The mood changed and the teacher smiled. She thanked me at lunch table and repeated it when the program ended.

Here are the limericks:

Three guys, Vilas, RR, and Shivraj;
Couldn’t wait to visit the Taj;
They made such a fuss
With their security Z-plus
Look what happened to them, Aaj….
– Ugich konitari

They move from being a picture in book titled ‘Zoology’
To being infamous and used by the stodgy
Dogs ! Are the new age princely political anmimal
Hark. A CM and his ego are after all not minimal,
Of course, all of this crowning glory for want of an apology ! “
– Kavi

The CM selection. so long it takes ?
Sifting the true from a jungle of fakes?
Amidst the bomb and the blast
They still insist on caste
When will they learn , for God’s sake?
– Ugich Konitari

Finally, we have a new Chief Minister
He is Sonia’s brand new canister,
And just as this new Chavan
Sits on that political divan
Rane thinks all of this is sinister !
– Kavi

Interesting limericks by VSP,
Seems it is now his USP,
Qualifies him for any contest,
Bang on the current context,
Leaving politicians absolutely unhappy.
– NS Iyer

The new CM said, “I am who I am,”
About Mr Rane, I dont give a damn,
With Armstrong by my side
What is there to hide,
We all just practice saying “Yes Ma’m”!
– Ugich Konitari

Thanks Ugich Konitari, Kavi, and Iyer