Murders and Daughters

What is common between Priyanka, Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter and ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s daughter?

Both want to forgive the assailant of their father!

Priyanka’s visit to the jail where she met Nalini, who was one of the convicts in Rajiv Gandhi murder case. Nalini’s death sentence was changed to life imprisonment because of Sonia Gandhi’s intervention. [Link]

Rahul Gandhi surely thinks otherwise. Old Congressmen are now labelling him as ‘future Prime Minister’. Interestingly he carries the surname ‘Gandhi’ though not related to the Mahatma Gandhi, and has an illustrious mother who is so forgiving, but Rahul he has a ‘different way of looking at these things’.

Hemant Karkare’s daughter says, ‘Ajmal should be given another chance to live and realise what a grave crime he has committed.’ There was a sharp reaction to this statement from Ombale’s daughter who disagreed. Balasaheb Thackray endorsed that sentiment. [Link] [seen in pic Vaishali Ombale L, and Mrs Karkare R]

Why do we find ladies so forgiving even in the cases of heinous crimes affecting their personal lives? And, interestingly they are daughters! Daughters who are so attached to their father and almost invariably share a special relationship with him!!

Where does this ability to forgive come from? Is it in the nature of women?

Surely it must not be coming from men who like Rahul Gandhi usually have a ‘different way of looking at these things!’