A Poem-Video and Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse came in for discussion all over the world with reporting of two heinous crimes, one in India and the othere abroad. There is no specific law against child sexual abuse in India. That makes the matter worse for prevention.

A 2007 study by the Ministry of Women and Child Development found that more boys in India were abused than girls. This is something I found very difficult to believe, but sometimes facts can be differerent from impressions.

[Illustration Farzana Cooper]

What are the warning signals to watch? The website http://www.stopitnow.org/ gives some useful information.

Is there :
[a]Pain, discoloration, bleeding or discharges in genitals, anus or mouth
[b]Persistent or recurring pain during urination and bowel movements or
[c]Wetting and soiling accidents unrelated to toilet training?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any one of the questions, you are advised to see the doctor.

I stumbled upon this poem, actually a slide show. If you can watch it without tears in your eyes, you will be one in a million! Here is the link [poem].