My short story of Short Story Writing

My friends are very concerned. They are suggesting various ways I can keep myself busy when I hang up my boots. They are asking me to write a book. A few have taken it a little further; they have asked me to write autobiography! [Come out clean my friends, what is it that you want to know? I am not a celebrity whose life holds curiosity to the reader, and I have done nothing that they tell people only in their biographies!]

These suggestions are ‘very interesting’ which means I enjoy brooding them over but do not consider them actionable. Writing is my passion but writing a book is another thing! A blog is convenient way to write; you express what comes to your mind without appreciable time gap. When you want to write a book, you have to plan it, carefully construct arguments; it is too laborious to allow me to enjoy the spontaneity of expression.

But I must confess to a burning desire to write short stories. I have always considered writing one, and, having attempted, I have not been able to pen one well. This perhaps [this is a convenient word, why speak with certainty?] points to the conclusion that there are some things in life you just can not do well, and in my case, perhaps [let me not lose hope!] this is it!

Not having the talent to write short stories was a bitter pill to swallow. So I did for help what I knew best – search the internet.

My research took me to van Vogt [can somebody tell me how to pronounce his name?], a prolific short story writer. And from there another step – I got the lead to a book called ‘The Only Two Ways to Write a Story’. It is written by John Gallishaw. He has also written two more books ‘Twenty Problems of the Fiction Writer’ and ‘Advanced Problems of Fiction Writer’. That discovery made me very happy – after all I was going to get the technique. So what if I did not have the talent? Any person perform any job to average level, I have always said that often.

So I logged in at to pick up ‘The Only Two ways…..’, having decided that the remaining two books could be read if something productive happened with it. An old book is available with binding coming out in front and back covers. Not a very attractive prospect!

So all I can write is the story of my ‘journey’ so far.

Well, a beginning is made! Not too bad, what do you say friends?