Some Discoveries and Some realisations

Now that I am almost retired [almost, because technically I am on leave till end of the month], some discoveries and some ‘re-discoveries’ have been made. Here are some to illustrate:

Like I enjoyed travelling by BEST bus from Mulund to Thane. And I was surprised that this city provides such a low cost travel to its people.

Like I always travelled by BEST bus to my school and college; I used to wonder then how nice it would be to travel in cars. And after travelling by car for over twenty years I feel it would be a good idea to travel by bus, it would save me cost and the trouble of finding a parking place for my car.

Like I found out where Telephone Exchange was located in Thane when I had to pay an overdue bill. And along with it I also discovered where Ganesh Cinema was located; I had heard about it but never knew its location.

Like I found the shortest route from the Telephone Exchange to my residence! Having walked most of it [I found it difficult to resist the temptation of getting into an autoriksha], and talked about it repeatedly, Sulabha my wife, remarked that I have the same feeling that Columbus had on discovering America!

Like I realise that I am fast becoming a well known person in the vegetables market at Thane. Vegetable vendors are all smiles when they spot me. I suspect that they have realised my ignorance of the real prices.

Like I have now realised that there are quite a few HDFC Bank ATMs in the city besides, of course, the one in my office.

Like these discoveries have made me think how outdated I became by not looking at the world beyond my office.

Like I felt that the job of a housewife is the most unenviable job in the world. On the other hand, managing household activities is no less important or a low skill job. My respect for my wife is increasing every day.

Like I feel that I have neglected both, my responsibilities to run home and my wife too. And I have expressed it to her too. [There was no response!].

Like your action of sitting in front of your laptop brings diametrically opposite reactions from the Boss in office and your wife at home. The Boss thinks you are working while the wife thinks you are whiling away your time!

Like I feel that wives start treating husbands like a child when they approach sixty. I shudder to think what will happen when [and if] I turn seventy.

Like handing over the baton to the next generation is not easy. Allowing them to make decisions is easy, but you find it difficult to get over the [sometimes unjustified] feeling of not being an important member of the family.

Like when you have free time you tend to think of your health, and discover that you are neither fit nor young. [And it hurts!]

And finally the biggest benefit an office offers is the air-conditioned atmosphere. [I miss it!] You do not have to pay for it. Spending time at home in Mumbai’s humidity and heat without air conditioning is not something I enjoy doing. But if you switch on AC, you pay for it.