Some thoughts, Some feelings

Some thoughts, some feelings; all my own [in the Busybee way]:

– Like I look forward to Prannoy Roy’s analysis of the election results. He reads into numbers several messages from electorate and several consequences for the political leaders. It is amazing.
– Like I hate to watch the debates involving leaders from various political parties. It is a sad to see them keep discussion at such low level and noise at highest level.
– Like I shudder to think that they are going to be making decisions involving country’s future.
– Like I have always felt that political leaders substitute invectives for arguments in debates on issues concerning the country. And this election campaign has only strengthened my feeling.
– Like people wonder whether the strikes at M&M, Nestle and Hyundai is a warning sign that another wave of industrial strikes is coming. And that how often we take such a leap of generalisation.
– Like nobody was concerned about Tamil Nadu Government calling a State wide strike to support LTTE, and nobody denounced it. It happens only in India!
– Like the legendary singer Kumar Gandharva’s son Mukul has gone missing again. On the last occasion he was found living in dire conditions at a railway station. Life must be very punishing for the celebrities’ children.
– Like I am very unhappy with the performance of the Mumbai Indians in IPL. An example of how a team with the world’s best players can remain an average performer.
– And when I read about Swine Flu, Birds Flu, I wonder whether animals get ‘Human Flu’.