The Cape of Good Hope, The Cape Point and Gold Mine

African penguins are small creatures, about 18″ tall. As I was approaching the beach where they were lying ‘sun bathing’ there was a sudden uproar among tourists – a seal had caught a tiny penguin and had him for his ‘breakfast’. I missed watching it; I was quite a few feet away from the scene of action, but watching it would not have given me any great pleasure.

At Cape Point two currents meet, one from Atlantic coming from Antartica and the other coming from Madagascar, Indian Ocean. The most interesting feature is that the temperature difference of the sea at the two sections is 4 to 6 degrees!
At The Cape of Good Hope

I also visited a Gold Mine. They take you 750 ft below surface.
They say that for every bar of gold produced one person has lost his life!
The Gold Mine, Rocks containing gold [they are black and not golden!]

At Botanical Garden, Cape Town

The Proteas Flower, there are several varieties of Proteas. The National Flower.

I can’t take off my eyes….