The American Arrogance and Ambika’s Prescription

The Shah Rukh Khan Story has hit the front pages of all Sunday newspapers. It is really outrageous how the US authorities are implementing their security procedures. One can understand that the local staff may not be well trained, and may go by procedure mechanically. But the way it responds to public fury is even more outrageous.

Continental Airlines frisked our ex-President Abdul Kalam and was even ruder in its first response to the hue and cry. It gave a politically more correct statement later but the arrogant attitude of the airline was obvious.

In the Shah Rukh case the US Ambassador Timothy Roemer tried to contain damage by issuing a statement. But does he see a repetitive pattern of misidentification and arrogance of US officials?

Ambika Soni, the Union I&B Minister has denounced the behaviour and has called for a ‘Tit-for Tat’. “I have always felt – even when I was frisked there – that the way they frisk us we should do the same for them here,” she said. There are several thousands who share that feeling. But what separates Ambika Soni from us is that she is in a position to do something about it. Let us watch her, or is that yet another playing on public opinion by political leaders?