Yes, it’s not funny, Sunny!

The newspapers today tell us that Sunny Deol has threatened to file a defamation suit against FM Channel 92.7. It was long overdue that somebody acted to stop the non-sense that goes on by calling it ‘Humour’.

To quote a news report: ‘In the legal notice issued to Anil Ambani, Tarun Katyal, Ashutosh Khanna, BigFM 92.7 and Reliance Big Entertainment on July 31, [Advocate] Saraogi said, “For the past several months, it has been noticed and experienced that wherever my client passes from, remarks are made against my client and people are not looking at him with the same respect.”

I have watched MTV Bakra with great discomfort. ‘Bakras’ must be finding it very humiliating to be on TV but a common man does not have money to take on channels and attack what goes on in the name of ‘Humour Capsule’ to use the words of FM 92.7 channel.

One FM Channel conspires with listeners to make fun of a person known to him or her. This has a shade more acceptability. Whether it is good fun is anybody’s guess.

The original western [I think it is Canadian] TV channel from which this idea is copied [and a poor copy at that] remains however clearly in the realm of ‘clean fun’. Many airlines show it during flight and one can hear good laughter from passengers; it enlivens mood. Even their ‘targets’ seen in the show also seem to enjoy it.

The line between ‘good, clean fun’ and ‘non-sense’ [‘nautanki’ may be a better word] is not all that thin. Unless the producer-director combine is partially deaf and blind.