Travelling Made Easy….

Just discovered that The Economist has come out with “A New Audio Guide which you can hear on our website, takes travellers through the pitfalls of London life by explaining the right etiquette both for meetings and for pubs, and showing how to earn the approval of British counterparts……Negotiating airports, getting around town, choosing hotels and restaurants, selecting souvenirs, filling time between meetings, and working—and indeed playing—with the locals are all covered.”

This is a brilliant idea, something like this was very badly required. Cultural differences can cause havoc in communication and negotiations. A good business traveller usually looked up all web sites that offered tips on the etiquettes to be followed at the host location.

Similar Economist guides are available for 21 cities across the world but it does not include Mumbai or Delhi or Bengaluru. It includes Bangkok though!

You can access it here [Link].