Two Ways of Handling Succession

Succession planning is a very sensitive subject in the corporate world. But some have managed it quite well.

The latest case in discussion is Deepak Parekh’s succession. New reports say Keki Mistry is slated to take over and that Parekh will take over as non-exec Chairman. Very smooth transition. [Are you listening Mukesh and Anil?] Parekh himself said in an interview that detachment from his current role and adapting to the new role could be a challenge. But awareness itself is half the battle won.

The TCS story also made big news, with Ramadorai handing over the reins to Chandrasekaran, it must not have been easy because both are young.

Very commedable work at HDFC and TCS.

Against this background, look at what is happening to the succession for the biggest role, Chief Minister of Maharashtra. We hear from all so-called leaders, a typical, “We have left the decision to Sonia Gandhi! Whatever the ‘high command’ decides will be acceptable to us!!” I often wonder why they are called leaders at all.

What a contrasting picture in the commercial capital where Parekh, Ramadorai and Chavan [Chief Minister] sit within a 200 meters radius!