Andre’s Confession and Steffi’s autobiography

Lulu, the parrot, flew in and landed on my table.
“When are you going to write your autobiography?” he asked.

“I have no such intentions. Why this question, Lulu?” I asked.

“Because autobiography sells. Sensational disclosures sell. You will make good money. Haven’t you read what Andre Agassi has confessed? He has confessed to using and testing positive for methamphetamine in 1997. He says his father used to give him drugs to take before matches, including pills that were high in caffeine, and possibly even the illegal amphetamine speed. He has confessed to lying to the tennis authorities. It is now talk of the town and his book is selling like hot cake.”

“Well, I don’t play tennis and I have nothing to hide and nothing to confess. Moreover, who will be interested in reading about my misdemeanors?”

“Agassi will make tons of money now. Think about it. Autobiography is a great money making proposition for those in the autumn of their life!” Lulu said.

“Sorry I don’t agree. Raju of Satyam Computers confessed to his role in the fraud of several billion dollars. He lost money. I think people will make confessions to make money or to mitigate the punishment as in Raju’s case.” I said.

“No Sir! Do you know that false confessions are a big problem in crime detection and justice? More than 500 persons gave false confession in the Black Dahlia case!!”

“Hmmmm…….This is making me go crazy; it is all too complex. I would rather wait to hear what his wife, Steffi Graf, says on this subject. And I would await her autobiography!