As The Year Ends….

“The year is coming to an end”, I said, “What an eventful year!”
“Well, what makes it so?” asked Lulu the parrot.
“My retirement from job makes it different” I said, “After all, you retire only once”
“That was true of previous generation. In the new era, people retire at least twice, one of which is ‘voluntary’ and it precedes what is called ‘superannuation’.” Lulu said.
“I agree. It is indeed interesting to see that people resist ‘voluntary’ retirement and look forward to one that happens on reaching the age of sixty or whatever the retirement age.” I said approvingly.
“And what else?” asked Lulu, “What else does it make an eventful year? You retirement cannot be compared with that of Deepak Parekh of HDFC, or Narayana Murthy, or impending retirement of Ratan Tata which would make the year eventful.” Lulu observed.
“We celebrated our thirty-second wedding anniversary this year” I said, “And our grand-daughter celebrated first birthday.”
“What did you give as gifts to those two ladies?”
“Well, a bagful gifts for my grand-daughter! We bought many of them in South Africa and I had to ask my wife to restrain herself because she went bonkers shopping for the little one” I continued, “But I must confess I do not remember what present I bought for my wife. Her birthday and our wedding anniversary fall within seven days.”
“So you buy only one gift for her and that too you do not remember! I understand” Lulu said, “It happens sometimes! Tut, tut, tut….”
“Ok, Ok, we went to South Africa. What a great trip it was! My daughter and son-in-law went an extra mile to make it memorable” I said. “I think the question is wrong. We should be asking ourselves what we are feeling about the year that is getting over. And not what makes it eventful. Small events matter to us, others may not understand the reason, and it is all so personal.”
“I see your point.”
“Did you see Richard Wiseman’s Blog? [Link available on this blog]. He has asked men and women separately to describe in three words the year for them” I said.
“So what did you write?” Lulu asked.
“Free, Relieved and Hopeful.”
“That’s nice. May the New year bring you and your blog-readers more of these feelings!”