Bloggers of the world are uniting!

Five bloggers met and had lunch together on Dec 20 last year. They did not know each other. There was nothing in common if you consider age, qualification, profession etc. The common thread was their passion for blogging. They have been meeting since then.

In each meeting they invited new members to join them. None accepted when they met on second occasion!

One joined in the third meeting. It made the meeting more enjoyable.

We are meeting again on Dec 5. And two more are joining!

I won’t tell you the names of these bloggers. But it should not be difficult for you to find out. All of us write excitedly about our meetings the very next day. Excitement takes the toll sometimes. One of us published photographs of the coffee mugs made especially for this occasion instead of publishing our mug-shots!

These friends in the blogosphere are very talented persons. All with varied interests.

Do look out for the next post then,