Plain Truth about Bloggers’ Lunch

“Everybody has written very nice and witty posts on their blogs about the Bloggers’ Lunch, what are you going to do?” Lulu, the parrot, asked coming out of his cage.
“They have done it very well” I said, “As for me, I wrote a post before going for Bloggers’ Lunch.”
“That sounds funny. How can you write about Bloggers’ Lunch before it happens and then ignore writing about it post facto? You seem to have ‘tick marked’ it as completing one more activity.” Lulu said sitting on my shoulder.
“Don’t tell me you are waiting for inspiration!” Lulu said.
“Not exactly, but I do not know what to write. UK [Ugich Konitari], Kavi, Manju, G, HK [Harekrishnaji] have all written about it, as you said. I really have nothing more to add.” I explained.
“Ok, Ok, tell me when did you reach the venue?”
“At 11.45 am”
“Who was the next to arrive?”
“UK, it was. She stays so close to the venue.”
“And who was the next?”
“Manju. She came in a car.”
“Did you greet her in Sanskrit? Did you say Susvaagatam? She writes a blog on Subhashitams ” Lulu asked.
“Bad manners, surely you must do a course in etiquettes” Lulu said in a disapproving tone, ‘Who came next?”
“Kavi, in his car, followed by Harekrishnaji.”
“And then?”
“G and after a long time, Nu walked in. Sucharita could not make it!” I said. “They were attending it first time. Why are you asking me so many questions as if you are interrogating a criminal?”
“Good that you said it about yourself. It helped. I was just collecting facts you see!!” Lulu had a derisive laughter while flying away.