Star Bazaar’s Youngest Shopper!

When we went to Star Bazaar at Korum Mall in Thane, it was Annika’s [my grand-daughter’s] first visit. The one and a half year old who walks like a penguin insisted on inspecting the Teddy Bears, some other toys and finally settled on a book. [It must be in the genes – her grandfather never comes out of a book shop without buying a few books].

I was signing the charge slip when this little one ran towards me shouting ‘ghe, ghe’ [Take this, take this], she had picked up a book from the shelf and was asking me to buy it. The counter girls, cash register boy were amused, and the grandfather promptly handed over forty rupees additionally, without a complaint.

That makes Annika, Star Bazaar’s youngest shopper at 1 yr 6 months!