What I read last year or am reading now….

I think I have some very peculiar reading habits. I am aware that almost every book lover thinks so, but that does not deter me from saying it.

I read two or three books simultaneously. Reading Marathi books, however ‘un-corporatish’ it may sound, gives me greater pleasure than reading anything in English. The reasons, in my opinion, are that Marathi is my mother tongue, so I am able to relate well to everything that is written, and secondly, I can read Marathi books with great speed, almost double the rate of reading English books.

I used to read books lying down in my bed earlier, but for at least two decades I read it sitting on table like a student doing his home work. I still look up dictionary, while reading English books, to understand every unfamiliar word. And then often look up ‘Use The Right Word’ – a Readers’ Digest Publication. Dictionary and ‘Use The ….’ have been old companions. These words and phrases are underlined. So also some statements that appeal to me.

I was a voracious reader while in school, but that habit was lost when I moved to college because the medium of instruction changed from Marathi to English and I found it difficult to follow stories and novels. My ‘sanyas’ from reading continued till somebody presented me a collection of stories by Somerset Maugham. I read those and discovered that I could follow this foreign language. I enjoyed reading Somerset Maugham. From there I moved on to PG Wodehouse. Then there was no looking back.

Of late I enjoy reading biographies. I must have read over forty biographies by now. Perhaps more but not less. I used to note down the books I read, and at the end of the year I used to take a stock of what I read during the year. I have not been doing it now, but it is a good habit that helps you understand your natural choice dictated by your own life’s dilemmas; for I think every book comes in your hands when its time has come! It comes with a purpose. This is one of my favourite theories, untested of course, but it has been endorsed by many!

I am going to write about some books which I have read in the last year, 2009. I do not intend to write a review, I will reproduce a paragraph that in my opinion generate some interest in your mind in case you have not read the book.

Look up this blog again tomorrow….