On Consequences and Sensitivity

Some events disturb me so much that the thoughts just refuse to go away from my mind.

This is what a union leader told me recently:

“I was arrested and was in police lock-up for two days during the textile strike. Although I knew a lot of textile workers, I had not really ‘realised’ the extent of damage done by the textile strike in Mumbai till that day.

In the lock-up there was a worker with me. He looked at the watch and said ‘It is six o’ clock [in the evening]. I know my daughter would have left home now. By seven in the evening she will be standing near CST [train terminus] and soliciting customers. I know the place where she stands and looks out for customers!’ And he broke down. The worker told me that it was not possible for the family to survive but for the money she brought in.”

I have always felt that we live in a cocooned world, which rarely appreciates the impact of some decisions of the organisations on the lives of people.

How can we sensitise ourselves to take more responsible action? I do not think I can find the answer in one day; I hope it does not take a lifetime!

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