Direct Messages from Caribbean

My post originally published in July 2008, I am reposting because of the interest in Caribbean now. Enjoy. Vivek

When it comes to giving message, people of Caribbean prefer it to be direct. No words minced, and no subtleties.

I like it that way. At the same time, this being forthright does not mean that people are not sensitive. They are very sensitive. It is just a matter of style I think.

Nobody expects a delicate ‘late cut’ from a West Indies batsman; it has to be a stroke that flies like a bullet to the boundary.

I saw these road safety signs and liked them so much that I clicked immediately. One warns that ‘your light may be put out’ and the other cautions not to be in a ‘hurry to enter eternity’.

And this one in a factory designed to make you feel embarrassed if you break safety rules.

But the spirit of designing catchy title boards just takes over as seen in this gas company’s sign:

And nothing can beat these advertisements in public interest. If recall is the test, these will score over most of the advertisements on AIDS by a mile!

The natural beauty of Caribbean beaches is equally eye catching!

There is a lot to see there. A sign in Trinidad says it all – ‘God if you don’t take me in heaven, send me to Trinidad!’ I agree.