What to do? Where to go?

Reading newspapers is becoming an experience worse than drinking juice of bitter gourd. Our leaders and people in positions of power and responsibility are behaving in a manner that is completely unbecoming of them:

– Like Arjun Singh letting Anderson to leave the country. Outlook carries a report that says, “Chief Minister Arjun Singh had apparently not consulted the caretaker Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi before ordering the arrest of Anderson on December 7. After the arrest, Rajiv Gandhi’s powerful aide and cousin, Arun Nehru, telephoned Arjun Singh and told him that US President Ronald Regan had called up the Indian PM and ‘requested’ him to release Anderson immediately.”

– Like Narayan Rane, who is a Minister, is calling ‘Chakka jam’ or ‘Rail Roko’ Andolan because the Konkan Railway trains must stop at certain Railway Stations!

– Like we are sure that Chief Minister Ashok Chavan will watch this with a grin on his face, and will perhaps ask Delhi to decide. I have wondered whether the Chief Ministers are paid to decide issues or to point finger to Delhi.

– Like Air India granting privileges to some ‘who’s who’ while it continues to make colossal losses.

– Like Air India union bosses declaring strike because the management ‘no talking to press’ order in the Mangalore Boeing Accident.

– Like both Uddhav and Raj Thackeray are speaking such a foul language publicly that anybody who can understand Marathi would find it simply repulsive.

– Like it is clear that neither Municipal Contractors who are supposed to clean up gutters for ensuring that there is no water clogging, nor the Corporators have done their jobs. Where has the money, reportedly spent on cleaning, gone? No prizes for guessing. Here Shiv Sena and BJP are answerable.

There are times when I feel like leaving this country forever. But I am not sure whether other countries are better.