Light Bites

And some of my thoughts for this weekend:

– Like the Raymonds factory in Thane is finally closed down. Workers will get between 16 lakhs to 22 Lakhs as compensation. The political leaders are now fighting for their dues. Jitendra Awhad, Jitendra Joshi and Pratap Sarnaik. Awhad is spitting fire while Sarnaik is moving ahead.

– Like I wonder if anybody is worried about factories moving out of the city.

– Like I feel irritated when I hold the newspaper in hand. Many newspapers have ‘cut page’ or half a page as the front page that makes holding it difficult. And some others have full page advertisement on the first page and not the news! Greater importance to advertisements than news!!

– Like the when I switch on the TV in the morning I have a similar feeling. Almost all channels show ‘Teleshopping.’ I wonder who has shopping on their mind at 7 am.

– Like I am afraid that some huge air traffic accident is just waiting to happen at Mumbai Airport. And I hope that, notwithstanding the collective negligence of authorities, my words will not come true.

– Like Diya Mirza was asked to choose between Air India and Indian Railways [See ‘Brunch’] and she made her choice – Indian Railways! I agree with her, so will many others. It is sad to see JRD Tata’s great organisation is perceived to be worse than Lalu Prasad’s.

– Like I am tired of Marathi Manoos stance, and Shivaji stories in media. They now suffer from overdose. Maharashtra has produced some all time greats like Tilak, Agarkar, Gokhale, Phule, Baba Amte, CD Deshmukh to name a few. Why not talk about them?

– And I am also tired of Gandhiji stories. Will the media ever give due respect to Sardar Patel?

– Like MPCC President Manikrao Thakre’s remark [regarding sending money to Delhi] picked up by electronic media created furore. Just imagine what will happen if the media picks up viewers’ remarks when they see the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Narayan Rane, and Sharad Pawar on TV. The viewership will exceed ‘Three Idiots.’

– Like CWG are over, but Kalmadi hounding has started. He is not invited to events where he should have been normally invited. I am now having greater sympathy for Kalmadi. I think Kalmadi and Kasab share a common factor – being held guilty before trial. The difference is that those who are calling Kalmadi guilty are of the same feather!

– Like India-Pakistan dialogue on Kashmir must be the longest ever inconclusive talks [nothing can be more ridiculous than to call them ‘dialogue’] in the world. I wonder what the parties discuss whenever they meet.

-And finally, bole to, Kashmir, Kasab, Kalmadi…….’K’ word may be good for Ekta Kapoor, but not for India! [You are an exception, Katrina!!]