Light Bites Nov 19

And some more thoughts, all my own, for this weekend.

– Like Ajit Pawar seems to be so anxious to outshine the new Chief Minister. This will create problems for his uncle, Sharad Pawar and also the Government.

– Like I am still waiting for Sachin to hit 50th century. I suspect that he will then announce his retirement.

– Like the murder of the Allied Nippon manager at the hands of workers makes it the third such incident. And the solution lies in not just good policies of organisations but also responsible and effective leadership of unions. Sadly the latter is never focused on.

– Like I have always wondered what qualification is required to lead people of India – in the Parliament and Unions. With the exception of a few sensible leaders in both the areas, the qualification seems to be the ability to do things a conscientious and right thinking member of society will not do.

– Like I wonder why they do not establish a hospital inside a prison. Every wealthy person and political leader falls ill and gets admitted when produced in criminal court. His health dramatically improves when he gets a bail!

– Like after a long time I saw a good Marathi movie ‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ which I will recommend to my non-Marathi friends also to watch. It is amazing true story of a woman’s fight against impossible odds! And we realise that for every Sindhutai there are thousand ladies who would have succumbed to brutal treatment and vanished.

– Like malls are packed with customers again and sales seem to be zooming up. Gold prices are at all time high. The rule ‘Whatever goes up will come down’ does not apply to prices.

– Like this year is nearing its end. And the last month will see hopes rising. I hope that the upward trend in everything continues.