‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Lulu, my parrot, enquired as he settled down on my shoulder.
‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Lulu continued now in clearly annoyed tone.
‘Oh, I am making my notes on the year that will come to an end soon.’ I replied.
‘Well, it is good to take a review of what one did and did not do over a period of time. It helps you take a bird’s eye view of a slice of your life.’
‘Good idea. So what did you do or did not do?’ Lulu asked.
‘Hmmmm…..I must say I am somewhat hesitant to answer your question.’
‘I can see that, but why are you so? Surely it is not going to cause turbulence like the wikileaks!’
‘Oh no. At best my darling wife will come to know a thing or two, but then it will not cause anything like ‘turbulence.’’
‘Tell us about your activities please.’
‘I published 53 posts on one vivek-uvaach blog and 44 on HR blog. That makes 98 posts so far. Two more and I will hit a century.’  I said.
‘That is a nice way to put it, but last year you had published 128 posts. Bad performance! But it is okay. Nobody reads your blog anyway!!’
I ignored the jab. ‘There were some decent achievements on professional front. I advised…’
‘Don’t even talk about it’ Lulu cut me short. ‘What is the profession of a retired person? You are supposed to be enjoying a retired life,
‘I held training…..’
‘Sorry! I do not want to hear that. You are talking like a corporate executive!’
‘I travelled to Jaipur and Ajmer. Sulabha was very happy visiting those places.’
‘And moved to my new house. Apartment rather. You know it.’
‘Yes of course. I have witnessed your fights with the architect who did interiors and I have also witnessed your verbal duels with your wife.’
‘These two ladies gave me hell is all I can say. I would like to forget it.’
‘And I attended Sahitya Sammelan. I watched the previous CM Ashok Chavan come to the Sammelan like a timid boy afraid of Sonia Gandhi. And I watched Amitabh recite some of his father’s poems, including Madhushala.’
‘In Marathi Sahitya Sammelan?’
‘Yes, that’s right. And I taught a course at TISS. On Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills. For me it was the first time I did.’
‘‘I understand. Anything else?’
‘So nothing much has happened.’
‘You do not see anything positive, nothing seems to excite you….what’s the matter?
‘May be that’s because I am an Indian parrot!’ Lulu laughed as he flew away.