The Real ‘Bharat Ratna’

“Did you read the list of ‘Padma’ awardees? Your name does not figure in it.” Lulu taunted me.
“Oh, stop it Lulu! I have done nothing to merit that award and recognition.”
“Well that is not a good reason. There are many deserving that get left out. And many undeserving….”
“Forget them! Mahatma Gandhi was never given the Nobel Prize.”
“So you have good company! Hahahaha” Lulu laughed. “But don’t you think Sachin should have got Bharat Ratna?”
“Yes, indeed he should have. He is not just a sportsman but a role model to Indians. He is the one who knows how to conduct himself publicly. A high achiever and a man with impeccable behaviour! A rare gem in today’s corrupt world!!” I said.
“They say he is too young to receive the award.”  
“Trust those Delhi Babus to invent silly reasons.”
“Isn’t it surprising that so many people are demanding that he should be awarded Bharat Ratna and that there is no response from the Government. After a while nobody would suggest that he should be given Bharat Ratna award.” Lulu said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because people elevate a person to that level in their mind. Or perhaps higher than that. Awarding Bharat Ratna later ceases to excite anybody except perhaps the recipient; in that sense it becomes irrelevant.”
“But I am very happy that Sachin has not got it.” Lulu said.
“Why Lulu?”
“Just imagine a Government so full of corrupt administrators is awarding Bharat Ratna to Mr Clean like Sachin. It is better that he does not receive it.”
“Hmmmm….It would be nice to know the real reason why he was not given Bharat Ratna.” I said.
“Just you wait….Wikileaks might be releasing a document about it….” Lulu said and flew away.