Competencies of HR Managers – Looking into the Mirror

At Thane HR Group, Prashant conducted a survey. The results are very interesting. In all, 104 HR professionals participated in the survey. The following were the conclusions:

The survey asked respondents to rank their competencies in the order of strength. The strongest competency was to be ranked 1 and the weakest 11.
Here is the result:

Analytical Ability   5.47/11
Business Case Development Skills   8.74/11
Communication Skills   4.43/11
Decision Making Skills   5.05/11
Innovativeness   6.34/11
Interpersonal Skills   4.68/11
Financial Skills   8.94/11
Leadership Skills   5.28/11
Management Skills   5.93/11
Problem Solving Skills   5.70/11
Team Building Skills   5.66/11

They ranked themselves low on the following competencies in the order of weakness – Financial Skills, Business Case Development Skills, and Innovativeness.

And the HR Managers ranked themselves high on Communication Skills, Interpersonal skills and Decision Making.

It looks like they are saying ‘I am doing my job sans much innovation; I don’t understand the business metric and do not know how to justify an initiative. But I can relate to people well and am decisive!’

Very interesting, indeed!

What do you think about this result? Does it match with your perception of a typical HR manager?