The Heart Of The Valentine

Scene 1
“There was no such thing as Valentine’s Day when we were young. Tell me,” she said, “would you have sent me a Valentine’s Day card if it was a practice to celebrate it in our times?”

“Hmmm…Yes, of course!” I said quickly realising that there cannot be any other answer to the question. One must be on his guard when such topics get discussed.

She smiled. “You are not honest.”

“That is unfair to me. You can’t say that to me.”

“Well, I always thought you had a special relationship with ‘her.’” She said.

“Your perception, darling, what can I do about it? I think this is sheer jealousy.

“Tell me would you have given me a red rose on the Rose Day?”

“Yes of course, not one but a dozen!”

“You are not honest!”

“What is going on? What answer you want me to give you? Do you think I have married you by mistake?”

“Just kidding…. You know we are married for over thirty years but I have not really understood you. I feel that you might move away from me.”

“It is all in your head, darling.” I reassured her. “I have always loved you and will. See i have got this nice dress for you on this occasion of Valentine’s Day.”

“I am so happy that you brought a present for me and it is such a surprise. I was so foolish in asking you those questions.” She said, hugging me.

Scene 2
“Why are you ordering a scotch today?” He asked me. We were meeting in the pub on the Saturday evening. “You normally ask for beer.”

“Feeling a little low.”


“I don’t know. Perhaps it is because my wife was questioning me about ‘her’ yesterday. I remembered ‘her.’ Sometimes some inexplicable turn of events take away your close ones from you; she moved out of my life.”

“I know it. But now I am worried; don’t you love your wife?” He asked me anxiously.

“I do. I have been faithful to my wife. But I also regret losing ‘her.’ You never forget your first love.” I said as I ordered another drink.

[This article was originally written for and published on N-Zine]