100 and 200 Not you Sachin

‘Do you know Lulu?’ I asked, ‘Sachin is about to hit his hundredth century.’

‘Why this sudden interest in Sachin’s century? You rarely watch a cricket match fully.’

‘I was thinking about it….Hmmm…It must be feeling great when you hit the hundredth run.’

‘Yes, it must be so….What are you driving at?’

‘Just thinking what a batsman hitting double century must be feeling?’

‘Oh, yes! I get it now. You are a very, very clever man. This entire long introduction is for telling me that you will soon be writing your two hundredth post on this, vivek-uvaach blog. And you have just completed one hundred posts in your HR blog.’

‘Oh, you know it already! Who told you?’

‘Who else but you? You have been talking about it for quite some time and you have talked to everybody who meets you.’

‘I think parrots should stop eating chillies. It makes their tongue and language rather pungent. But I do not wish to get carried away by it. I remember the day I started my blog. It was Kavi who introduced me to blogging. I also saw how blogs were being used at ILO, Turin for training. I then took the plunge.’ I said.

‘Plunge describes it well. You were always a dinosaur in the world of technology.’ Lulu said.

‘That may be an over-statement, but given that it comes from you, I will accept it. Initially my blogs were more scholarly – so I thought – but later they became more creative.’

‘So you thought that they were creative! Ha Ha!! But I must appreciate your achievement to make it 200 posts on vivek-uvaach and 100th on HResonance. You come across as ‘Chatur’ in the 3 Idiots movie. Somebody who flashes his achievements and the world cares nothing for it.’

‘Lulu, Lulu! Stop attacking my confidence. Some of my posts have received a lot of attention and praise. Writing is such a good activity! People see a different side of one’s personality. You cannot write a good piece without a bit of soul searching.’ I said.

‘Yes that is true. When you wrote about your chain smoking and your first swig in Hublikar’s illicit liquor bar in Parel, all your family members read it repeatedly. They indeed saw a different side of your personality.’ Lulu replied.

‘Ha Ha! But overall blogging has been a great experience. It has kept me young at heart. It has given me new friends in blogosphere.’

‘That is true.’ Lulu agreed.

‘Blogging is a way I distinguish myself from other retired persons. Most of them do not know how to handle internet; then forget about blogging.’

‘Old habits die hard. Distinguishing oneself was okay in the corporate world. Why do you want to distinguish yourself now? Why can’t you relax and enjoy life? …..Have you ever written anything to your full satisfaction?’ Lulu asked.

‘Yes of course. There are so many posts that I feel I have written well.’ I said.

‘Then rewrite those posts.’ Lulu suggested.

‘This is nonsense, Lulu. Why should I do it?’

‘Have you heard what Mark Twain said? He said, ‘The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction.  By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.’’
‘Oh, Lulu!’