Some Thoughts And Feelings March 27

Some feelings and some thoughts, all my own:
Like Dr. Manmohan Singh has discovered an opportunity for a political game in this World Cup event. But there are no Knock Out rounds in politics.
And there is a move to declare the Mohali Stadium as a ‘No Flight Zone.’ Events in Libya must be providing an inspiration to Punjab Cricket Association.
Like Ponting and Strauss have both lost matches and England suffered humiliating defeat. But we hear more noise about dismissal of Ponting as a Captain. I wonder if Aussies are more ‘performance oriented’ or the English are more forgiving. Perhaps both statements are false; popularity of Cricket in England is diminishing.  
Like Hugh Jackman stunned people when he declared that Aishwarya was not the most beautiful lady. He said that his wife Deborra was the most beautiful lady. Thanks Hugh, we understand you, love is indeed blind!
Like 90% of India’s buildings are vulnerable to threat of earthquake in India which is not surprising. I wonder why 90% of the buildings in Mumbai to Kalyan are which are all unauthorised, are not vulnerable to the demolition by Municipalities.  
Like I have deep respect for Dabbawalas of Mumbai for their error free operations. But I have not liked their calling Prince Charles a ‘White Vittal’ [Vittal idols traditionally and at Pandharpur are black] in an IBN Lokmat interview. And I am not objecting to mention of skin colour, but the comparison with our deity.
And finally this thought: The threat to Libya comes from Air strikes, the threat to Japan came from sea, and the threat to India comes from Himalaya ranges. But beware! The competition from internet as a source of threat has acquired high proportions.