Some Thoughts and Some Feelings, All My Own

Here are some of my thoughts and feelings which I would like to share:
Like Anil Ambani resembles his father more than his brother Mukesh. And that the similarity ends there. Dhirubhai was a winner and Anil is….well…hmmm…a runner!
Like Mukesh generates a cash of Rs. 25,000 Cr every year and does not know what to do with it so far. Anil’s loss-making businesses would be a good buy according to some analysts and finance wizards. Did you get what they are saying?
Like after I read such views of the analysts, I felt that they must have earlier worked with AVM or Gemini Pictures that invariably showed a happy family in the last shot of their movies.
Like I feel that the Government of India should be given a Nobel Prize for keeping convicts with death sentence alive! No other Government has achieved this unique feat in the world.
Like it also shows the basic belief of political leaders that stringent laws on criminal activities must be made, but its implementation negotiated. Everything is negotiable in India.
Like Raja and Raju [Ramalinga] have one thing in common – they made tonnes of money for which they are enjoying the status of State’s Guest with free lodging and boarding.
Like Aristotle who said that ‘Courage is the mother of all virtues’ had obviously got it wrong. I think it takes good courage to do scams like Raju and Raja. Courage seems to breed vices too.
Like it is not easy not to write about Sachin. Perhaps for Sachin it is as difficult not to break a record!
And this final one: My respect for Ireland went up sky high. What a game they played! I suspect seeing English Team as opponents gives them a good rush of adrenalin. I wish Indian players felt the same way. The not-so-hidden feelings of ‘conquest on sports field’ must be common.