Lulu on Hunger Strike

“Fashion has pervaded all walks of life.” Lulu, my parrot, observed.
“I see.” I said recognising that it was what they call in tennis game, an ‘approach shot.’
“It is fashionable to go on hunger strike.”
“I guess you are referring to recent hunger strike by Anna Hazare and Medha Patkar. Anna Hazare seems to have started this new wave of hunger strikes.” I said. “Yes, Medha Patkar also went on hunger strike. The Government gave in to her demands. They gave in to Hazare’s demands also.”
“Interesting isn’t it?” Lulu said flapping his wings.
“What is that, Lulu?” I asked.
“Indian Government is insensitive to millions who are hungry. But they are scared of self styled leaders who threaten fast unto death.” Lulu observed.
“Ha ha! That is true. I wonder if we have statistics on the number of hunger strikes in the country. It will be very interesting.”
“They go on strike because they feel so strongly about an issue like corruption.” Lulu observed. “Come to think of it, why don’t you go on hunger strike?”
“Oh, come on….I am not Anna Hazare or Ramdev Baba.” I laughed. “Nobody will take notice of my hunger strike.”
“And if nobody takes notice you may actually die of hunger! It is timid like you who have invented ‘Sakhalee Uposhan’ or Hunger strike done by a group of people serially. Then nobody has to suffer for more than eight hours and it may actually do some good to them.” Lulu said.
“I am not timid; I don’t like your calling me names. I can also go on hunger strike. But I feel it is futile.”
“May be. But should you not raise your voice against evil things that affect your society?” said Lulu.
 “Nothing will change. What about parrots? Do you go on hunger strike?” I asked Lulu.
“There is a big difference between you homo sapiens and us belonging to psittacidae family. We eat only when we are hungry. You ‘celebrate food’ whatever that means.”
“Yes, we eat for pleasure.” I admitted.
“So it is good for you to go on hunger strike. Let me tell you that nobody has died in this country by resorting to hunger strike. Political leaders will not try that stunt unless it is safe!” Lulu said as he flew away.”