Flying Planes, Flying Kites

‘Hello……’ Lulu, my parrot, called out.

‘O Hello, Hello, Lulu. You seem to be so tired. Where had you been?’ I asked.
‘I was in Tihar Jail.’ Lulu said.
‘What were you doing there Lulu? Are some parrots also involved in 2G and 3G scam cases?’
‘Oh, no, no, no.’ Lulu clarified, ‘We parrots are not involved in any scams.’
‘Ok…’ I laughed.
‘Those involved are the bosses of those who ‘parrot’ ‘Haan Jee.’’ Lulu said.
‘Haan jee….I mean ….I understand. But what were you doing in Tihar jail?’
‘I met Suresh Kalmadi.’
‘Really? That’s interesting. What did you do there?’
‘Had a chat with him, it was about his future.’
‘What did he say….this is getting curious.’
‘Which political leader is worried about his future at the age of 66? He asked me!’ said Lulu.
‘He is right I think, but the prospect of spending days and nights in Tihar jail would raise questions about future even in an old man’s mind, I guess.’
‘He said he had very high regards for Indian judiciary which proudly stated ‘Bail, not Jail’ in dozens of their judgements.’
‘That’s Justice Mr. Krishna Iyer who said it. And it has caught on. Well read man he must be and sounds intelligent.’ I observed.
‘Oh yes, indeed so. After all you don’t get into National Defence Academy and become a pilot flying war planes unless you have a wonderful grey matter up there.’ Lulu said.
‘Pilot? Flying planes? Amazing. But what did he say about his role in the Commonwealth Games scam?’
‘Nothing.’ Lulu said.
‘Nothing? What do you mean? Didn’t you ask him?’
‘Yes I did.’
‘So what did he say?’
‘He said that he was suffering dementia, and he does not remember his past.’
‘And he remembered that he was suffering from dementia! Don’t tell me you were fooled by that crap, Lulu.’ I said angrily.
‘Nah! Nah!! I told him you were flying planes as a young man; and now you are flying kites!!’