Some Thoughts and Some Feelings: Sept 2

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my work: 

Like if TV coverage was available for the Mahatma, we would have made the British leave India earlier than 1947. The tremendous power of media was realised during the Anna Hazare event.

Like time inverts many things; with Government of India’s exceptional delay in hanging the Rajiv Gandhi killers there is now a sympathy wave for them. At least in Chennai. I too think keeping a person waiting for 20 years in death cell is more cruel punishment than capital punishment.

Like this Indian team has received the greatest accolades for winning the World Cup and it has also received the most brickbats for their dismal show in England. And I think Indian team’s play is more a game of chance; it has got nothing to do with cricket being [or not being] a game of chance.

Like ex-England Captain Nasser Hussain called Indian fielders ‘donkeys.’ Perhaps he thinks that by settling down in England after being born in India does not make him a donkey.

Like Justice Soumitra Sen has finally resigned! But that is not the big news; Rajya Sabha has passed an impeachment resolution – that is the big news!!

Like the most high profile impeachment process was that of Supreme Court Judge V Ramaswami was lost due to political wrangling, with Kapil Sibal defending V Ramaswami! And it is quite a poetic justice that Kapil Sibal had to face public wrath for being a road block to Anti-Corruption movement.

And finally, I took pity on Dr Manmohan Singh when I saw a cartoon in Marathi magazine which shows Baby Manmohan is born in a maternity hospital and is spanked on his bottom by the doctor who exclaims ‘This baby is not making any sound at all in spite of my hitting him so hard!’ Poor PM, he has received so much flak that I pity him.

PS: Ms Shobha De spoke for many of us when she wrote… [Amir Khan’s] presence at the [Anna Hazare’s] rally sent out a strong signal. It was about Aamir the individual, Aamir the citizen, taking a stand, not just against corruption, but indirectly against the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government. In an age where the culture of camps continues to prevail, this was seen as a defiantly independent move, more so, because the other Khans had maintained a safe distance from a burning issue that had India up in arms for close to a fortnight.