Thane HR Group’s program on Breakthrough Management

 THRG brought the world’s most renowned faculty on this subject of Breakthrough Management, Prof. Shoji Shiba, for the benefit of managers who intended to leave an indelible mark on the organisations. Professor Shoji Shiba whois an internationally renowned management expert and teacher, He was awarded the 2002 Deming Prize for Individuals, Japan’s highest management award for individuals.

He held one day program, organised by THRG with the help of CII, for a group of managers largely coming from manufacturing industry. He was assisted by Mr N. Kalapi of TechNova Imaging Systems.
The Thane HR Group’s program at CII’s Centre for Excellence was a great success!

This is what Ms Darshana Mandewal, Head-HR of Sunjewels Group ሳዕድ፣

“The program gave a good insight on three types of management viz. controlled, incremental and breakthrough. It gave a global perspective of countries response to change due to sudden / unanticipated change in society. An excellent example given was of change in mentality post tsunami and earthquake in Japan which was on three aspects save electricity, become cost effective and community (family) is important.   
The examples of changing market/ customer expectations  scenario with data was shared and live case examples of companies of their strategic moves was discussed with benefits for the various involved parties . This increased the business perspective and gave information of how to analyze and have a strategic direction for 2/3 years. The 10 X change was focused to explain the changes in strategy. 
Labour disputes scenario of Japan was discussed with clear solutions like Quality Circles. The methods to motivate shop floor with various non monetary methods like infrastructure, good working environment , Kaizen , alignment to business goals was explained . There was a learning on Snowball strategy, theory X and Y, Prof Shoji Shiba’s model of 2-6-2, and parallel organization . How to move from world of concept to world of FACT was explained very well with examples. The beauty of the program was that it had a high focus on discipline.” 

Thane HR Group presented a Maharashtrian ‘pagdi’ to Prof Shoji Shiba.