What’s Happening at Bandra HR Forum

There was a sense of guilt with which I went to attend a meeting of the Bandra HR Forum. They had actually invited me to meet them in December and like an old man [‘like’ because I do not think I am one, J] I forgot about it. So I made it up by going there in January.
Bandra HR Forum is a small group of HR professionals who meet once in a month. The idea is to interact with like minded people and gain some new thoughts and perspectives. That is very laudable. Sujata said that they are not there for ‘networking.’ Nobody gave me their visiting card [and I did not give mine too]!
It was not a formal meeting, we chatted for a good ninety minutes. At Eat Around The Corner at Bandra. They serve good breakfast, but it appears that the HR fraternity in Bandra is very calorie conscious so they were not eating much. That is okay, that is the problem of the restaurant owner. The restaurant owner is obviously a shrewd businessman who understands that this crowd can only swell, so he did not object.
The discussion focused on industrial relations [what else, with me there?]. I have always said that I am an IR person to the core, and the world seems to agree. But later our discussion later veered around careers, practising fairness in all dealings as the most important value. I picked up some good thoughts; it was a very interesting meeting.
In case the readers of this blog post with to join this group for their meetings, which I strongly recommend, get in touch with Anurag Shrivastava, or any friends seen in the photographs.
Keep the good work going…