Anniversary and Compatibility

“Happy Wedding Anniversary!” Lulu, my parrot, said.
“Thanks Lulu. It is the thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.” I replied. “What is the appropriate present for the thirty-fifth anniversary?”
“Coral and Jade” Lulu replied, “depending on whether you follow the traditional or modern gifting way. Well, what is your plan?”
“Neither. I am a retired person and I cannot afford expensive gifts. I think a lunch in Shiva Prasad Udipi Cafe would be a good idea, or if she decides to splurge, a lunch in the Food Court of a mall nearby.”
“Hmmm… looks to me that you are heading for some serious trouble.” Lulu said.
“Naah….After thirty-five years of marriage she knows what to expect.” I replied.
“Interesting! Looks like you two must be fighting often.”
“Which couple does not? Hey, but see what this website talks of a marriage between a Gemini man and Aquarius woman.” I said.
“Don’t believe a word….ok, ok tell me.” Lulu shouted.
“Here it is “A Gemini man and an Aquarius woman are trine in relationship to one another which means they are in harmony.  This is because they both have a detached outlook on the world and a cerebral viewpoint.  In other words they don’t get involved — even with each other!  Other people may not understand the ties that bind a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman, but these two can be as happy being friends as a fish in the ocean”.”
“Ha ha ha ha! The web-site-wala seems to be making an autobiographical statement.”
“Not really……my wife says she has not understood me at all.” I complained.
“Oh, come on….that is what every wife says to her husband. It is a kind of ‘pQ4.’
“pQ4? What’s that?”
“The first move in the game of chess.” Lulu explained.
“I see your point. They make you feel guilty by such a statement and then make you talk more and more……oh, yes, I can see that game being played often!” I exclaimed.
“Tell me names of the famous Gemini-Aquarius couples.”
“Jean Paul Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir was one.”
“Ha ha ha ha….That was indeed a great couple. Wikipedia says they were not monogamous.” Lulu laughed.
“I think you are pulling my leg…..there is this another couple,,,,, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss” I gave more information.
“And later Johnny Depp got involved with Vanessa Paradis! She is an Aquarius woman. So he has the dubious distinction of getting involved with two Aquarius women!” Lulu laughed. “All this happens because people think that compatibility is determined by stars and planets.”
“I thought it was. They say marriages are made in heaven.”
“Well, they can say that……there is no evidence for it because nobody has reported how it is made in the heaven!”
“Then what are you saying?”
“I am saying that compatibility like happiness is created, it does not happen. It is not something which exists so people marry. People marry and create it. And this is what the same web site says….. “A Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman share a great physical chemistry. They both will not only be good partners but also good friends.” I think it is wrong to give credit or blame the planets and stars for compatibility or happiness in marriages.” Lulu observed.
“Well, how is match making done by parrots? I asked.
“Well, that is another story” Lulu said as he laughed.