Why This Sannata?

“Huh! I don’t know what Anna Hazare is doing.” Lulu, my parrot, said with a sigh as he descended from the mango tree and settled on my sofa.
“That’s interesting; why are you worried about him?” I asked.
“Well, I am not worried about him, but he seems to have lost steam.” Lulu complained.
“That is bound to happen. He went on a fast for several days and then spent some time in the jail. His ‘Team’ created some guffaws. All this takes some toll.” I offered an explanation.
“And what has happened to Ramdev Baba who tried to escape dressed as a lady, wearing a Salwar Kameez? He is not to be heard. Is he not going to continue his assault on corruption?”
“You refer to him with unnecessary derogatory tone, Lulu.” I protested. “Baba has threatened a day long fast on June 3rd.”
“You mean it is not fast-unto-death?”
“No, it is not; it is only one day fast.” I confirmed.
“Haha. He is a quick learner. And the cricket fever has subsided with thrashing they received in England and Australia.” Lulu said.
“Oh yes. It has. But remember all teams are like sharks on their home grounds, unbeatable. You should not attach too much importance to their loss. We are still the best team.”
“And finally Sachin has hit the hundredth hundred! With that the excitement is over, except for Mukesh and Nita.” Lulu continued.
“You are talking of Mukesh and Nita Ambani as if they were your school-mates. Yes I take your point. The common feels no excitement. There is a kind of calm on all fronts.”
“There is, isn’t it?” Lulu asked.
“Yes, indeed.” I affirmed.
“Looks like the news reporters have taken a summer vacation! Itna sannata kyun hai bahi? as Hangal said in Sholay. Is Gabbar is making his presence felt quietly? Is it the calm before the storm?” Lulu asked as he flew away.