Home Interprets Heaven

As I was walking out of the building Lulu, my parrot, flew down and perched on my shoulder.
“So you sold it, eh?” Lulu said.

“Aarre! Are you trained by CIA or FBI? You keep such a close watch on everything I do; I wonder if you have a dossier on me.” I said.

“That’s a great idea! If I had one, I would have shown it to your wife, ha ha.” Lulu continued, “I was sitting on the window and watching you handover the keys of your apartment to them.”

“My eyes were full of tears so I did not notice you. Sold it. I stayed there for twelve years, best years of my life, no doubt.” I said.

“That home saw your children complete their graduation and post-graduation. It saw them getting married. Sweet memories!”

“You said it Lulu.” I said, “My grand-daughter also grew up there – the first two years of her life.”

“And the home also saw you mother passing away soon after your silver wedding anniversary. God takes away one and sends a new one, but they have different places in our life.”

“How true! So many events take place in life in a span of twelve years.” I said, “What strikes me is that we are speaking as if ‘home’ is a living entity! You said the home saw this happen ….as if it is a living entity.”

“Well, I really think it is a living entity! Don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. But now somebody else will come and stay there. Whenever my friends and relatives came home they said we feel nice when we enter this home.”

“Good vibes!” Lulu said rubbing his head on my cheeks.

“Right, the good vibes. That’s what they said. People believe that your emotions get recorded on the walls just like songs get recorded on CDs. Those good vibes they feel when they enter the home.”

“All in the family have to create those vibes. We have to live life happily, nay, we have to decide to live happy life. Because ‘Vastu says ‘Tathastu!’ ” Lulu asserted.

“Now the philosopher in you has taken over, Lulu. Selling off this home was a very emotional event; selling off any possession for that matter. I felt very sad when I sold my car.”

“With these things goes a part of us.”

“Yes, Lulu, yes! And so many happy memories are associated with each one. That is why these are very prized possessions.”

“So create good memories wherever you stay.”

“Hmm….tough job, but I see your point.”

“There are memories which we must forget, there are memories which we must keep and there are memories which we must leave behind. Do you get me?” Lulu asked as he fluttered his wings and looked at me.

“Yes, Sir!” I said as the meaning sunk in.

PS: The title is part of a quote by CH Parkhurst