Some Thoughts and Some Feelings July 31

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:
Like I do not think I will live to see India winning ten gold medals in Olympics.
Like the violence at Maruti Suzuki plant will be remembered for years. Both the management and workmen are culpable. Whether the post violence period leads them to reflection or retaliation is to be seen; I place my bet on the latter.
Like Satyamev Jayate is the best TV show I have seen so far. And it beats others by miles. And now on all shows that desire to create public awareness on any social issue will get compared to SJ.
Like Laxmi Mittal says he will not invest in India because he does not see anything progressing here. And at this juncture, I agree with him.
Like the people have forgotten the Air India strike and the pilots. Public sympathy is always with the lowest paid!
Like I am convinced that Vijay Mallya managed the Government of India better than he managed Kingfisher Airlines.
Like Rajesh Khanna is gone, and with him, memories of unforgettable times of our lives. I am not sure what we mourn; is it the lost time of our life or death of a hero?
Like I respect Amitabh Bachchan more than Rajesh Khanna. Both as an actor and as a person. And I know many do. And Dimple too would appreciatively nod in agreement now.
And finally : Resorting to ‘Fast unto death’ has blunted the weapon. I do not feel concerned about the person resorting to it. And these days I find myself moving away from the cause when anybody resorts to it. I secretly feel that somebody on such a fat should be actually ignored to see public reaction; chances are that nothing will happen.