The Impotent Values

 “Hi Lulu” I said, calling out Lulu, my parrot who was perched atop a tree near my window.
“Hi Lulu” I called out in louder tone.
“Hi Lulu” I shouted to draw attention of Lulu, my parrot.
“Oh, Yes. Did you call me?” lulu asked.
“Yes I did. I would suggest that you should have your hearing ability checked.” I suggested. “I called out twice before you could respond.”
“Aw… I am sorry. The loud speakers are blaring music. Nothing is audible. My hearing ability is okay, I think your ability to shout is really put to test.” Lulu laughed.
“They do it every year when they want to celebrate Dassera. There is a lot of dancing, Dandiya and Garba.” I responded. “But must it be such a noisy event? It disturbs all.”
“Oh, it disturbs those who sit at home; it does not disturb those who are dancing – their heart starts beating to the rhythm, and a higher decibel only ensures that this infusion of rhythm in body and soul is quicker.” Lulu explained.
“And for others? Their blood boils!” I said angrily.
The boiling point of Indians’ blood is at an all-time low; and no provocation required for their blood to boil.” Lulu said laughing. “If you find a car cutting lane, blood boils. If you see long queue at the cinema hall or at toll plaza, the blood boils. If you see the same ad twice on TV, the blood boils, just as it did when you saw Neeta Ambani repeatedly during “Satyamev Jayate.” If you see a Congressman or a BJP man or Mamata or Mayadevi, the blood boils!”
“When Jaya Bhaduri saw Rekha in the Parliament her blood was boiling” Lulu reminded and laughed.
“Ha ha ha! We can understand Jaya’s feelings. But political leaders are so disgusting. I feel like switching off TV when I see Kejriwal’s accusations.”
“But I bet you don’t switch it off. You wish to know who has made how many millions of rupees. Inside every man’s heart is a wailing boy who mourns lost opportunities and time for making money, by means fair and foul.” Lulu said.
“Shut up, Lulu! You are making baseless allegations. I do not feel so at all. I am certainly not of the same ilk as the corrupt political leaders. I am born and brought up in a typical middle class family which always cherished good values.” I shouted angrily.
“What is the use? Corrupt people are making tons of money and you are sitting in corner talking to yourself about your values. Anna and Kejriwal may have made blunders but they were not sitting in corner like you; they followed their conscience, they followed the dictates of their values. Aren’t your values completely useless if no action comes out of them?” Lulu asked in a sharp tone.
“Hmmm….Aw…. this noise…..loud speakers ….. Can’t hear you Lulu!” I said as I put my head down