The Real Loser – The Prince of Good Times

“Are you a billionaire?” Lulu, my parrot asked me.

“Don’t make fun of me, Lulu.” I said. “I have been having difficulty in making the two ends meet, when it comes to finances.”

“Then you are going to be deprived of one great pleasure in life.” Lulu said as settled down on my shoulder, fluttering his wings.

“What’s that? The pleasure of losing the “Billionaire” tag? Vijay Mallya says he is relieved to lose it.” I shot back.

“Isn’t that’s interesting. He could have donated his wealth to charity and got that “Not-a-Billionaire-now” status. It is not as if he wanted to lose it; it has happened against his will. Vijay Mallya is rationalizing; he has lost the tag because of his mismanagement of Kingfisher!” Lulu added.

“You have made a good point. But is a King of Good Times supposed to behave like a philanthropist? He is there to spend money on yachts, liquor, and girls. Not on orphans, underprivileged persons and the like.” I said.

“And he is spending money when his employees are in deep financial crisis, without arranging payment of their seven months’ salaries. Vijay Mallya is showing his wealth when the times are not good for him and his companies. That’s not being a role model.”

“Role Model? Ha! You must be joking.” I laughed.

“I hope his son Siddharth lives up to his name!” Lulu said.

“What do you mean? You are speaking in riddles, Lulu. Hmm….. Are you suggesting Siddharth Mallya should give away his wealth and feel the pain of a common man? Or maybe, go in search of God? Ha, ha ha! ”

“The original Siddharth, who later became Buddha, shunned all wealth and good things in life. Vijay Mallya says he is happy losing the billionaire tag. But his son Siddharth may be cursing him for the mess he has created, and for the billions he has lost! He may not be seen as “Prince of Good Times”!!” Lulu said as he ate chillies.