Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Nov 14

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:

Like Mallya has lost his flagship company, and nobody is shedding tears. This is what hubris does to organisations, and I wonder how his senior managers must be feeling now. Would they have said ‘Cheers?’ Probably yes!

Like Mallya should not try anything that takes others on [or gives them] a high, be it airline or liquor.

Like whatever is the truth in Pinky Pramanik story, it makes a very sad reading. Police say she is a male capable of committing rape while doctors say she is a hermaphrodite! I wonder if this was a case which they should have heard in camera?

Like Kejriwal may be doing good work but Arun Shourie did very thorough work of expose. And Kejriwal may have a lesson or two to learn from Shourie.

Like Patreaus and Gen Allen cases remind me….. Whatever finally happened to ND Tiwari case? What makes people in the Western world own up the wrong deed unlike Indians?

Like the way Diwali is celebrated now and the way it used to be celebrated some decades ago has changed. Nobody went out for dinner in Diwali then! [And nobody gulped a glass of beer!] 

And finally, both Dhoni and Sachin will be watched; both must succeed or else they will lose their place in the Cricket team. That is what happens to high achievers; as regards Dr MM Singh, he is safe even when he is not performing. Strange are the ways of life.