Conversation with Self: Satish Pradhan

When I read in the newspapers that Satish Pradhan intends to chart a new career, I instinctively understood him. When you are on the wrong side of fifty, you realize that there is so much yet to be done which you always wanted to do.

This is also the time when one should look back on his career. In the case of Satish I called it ‘Simhavalokan’ [A Lion looking back reviewing on the territories traversed and conquered]. The word was apt in his case because Satish is a wild life enthusiast, capturing Tigers, though not Lions, on his camera.

There are times when one gets in a very reflective mood; end of one phase of your career is one such moment. We in Thane HR Group [THRG] invited him to share his thoughts and feelings. Satish readily agreed.

What followed was a mesmerizing event for the 200 persons in audience. Beginning with his graduation, getting a job in Steel Authority of India, the ‘awakening,’ the role of ‘serendipity’ in his life, the burning desire to prove himself – not to be left behind, working with some great leaders and gaining insights, the extensive reflection that made him what he is today; all this came out without any talk of any achievement [which incidentally are simply

enviable]! What Satish did was not ‘giving-a-talk’ but ‘a-conversation-with-self.’ He had no message for those who wanted a ‘three takeaways for HR professionals.’ No prescriptions. No ‘do-this-and-you-will-succeed.’ The reflection told us what made the man, and there were many who relived their experiences. He was looking in to the rear view mirror and so were we. Each one was drawing his conclusions.

Mundaka Upanishad says that two birds are perched on the tree of life. One eats the fruits [experience], and the other bird does not eat anything but analyzes looking at the first one. This format is used to a telling effect by Vishram Bedekar in his autobiography. Satish did a similar effort.

All work is autobiographical; it tells the world who you are. Even if you do not want to. And when you look back upon the past, you discover yourself more,

deeper and the experience is both enriching as well as humbling. At this stage many persons wonder whether they made it whatever they achieved, or whether it was preordained.

And that is a question on which we can meditate lifelong.
PS: Pic shows the memento to Thane HR Group by Satish Pradhan