Some Thoughts and Some Feelings June 25

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:

Like the disaster in Uttarakhand is perhaps the worst ever, and brings to the fore the issue of Government’s control on ‘development’ rather than man’s control of nature.

Like the recent highway accident which killed eleven travelers is a reminder that road safety is not on anybody’s agenda which includes Government, Vehicle owners and Drivers alike. And it is so perhaps because road safety does not make a good election issue.

Like two news reports came on the same day: one said that Airlines will be recruiting 5000 and the other said that Auto industry will be laying off thousands. And it reminds me the famous Galbraith quote ‘Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.’

Like Narayan Murthy’s offering high salaries to top performers only confirms my suspicion that he is addressing stock market concerns and not employees’ concerns, and simultaneously he is making his CEO look like a nincompoop.

Like Alec Stewart said that England “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” on the Champions Trophy final which conveys the fact as well as his frustration so well.

Like Dhoni is a good captain, but he also brings luck to his team, unlike Sachin who lost 43 and won 23 ODIs.

Like every time England is beaten on the sports field, I feel a malicious pleasure; standing at Trafalgar square in London I have always felt that this prosperity was acquired by England by robbing my country of its riches.

And finally this: The news of Indian gene of Prince Williams is not liked by the British, but what do Indians feel about the Italian gene of Rahul Gandhi?