Some Thoughts and Some Feelings July 23

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:

Like one of the most difficult decisions in life is ‘How much is enough?’ And it is sad that Sachin has not been able to find answer; others seem to have done it for him!

Like one thing common between Anna Hazare and Lokpal Bill is that both are not on people’s minds. And that is sad!

Like they are arranging a special screening of Satyagraha for Anna Hazare. Not just Anna but we will also see it only on screen, not in reality; people seem to have given up!

Like Madhuri Dixit has not aged like wine, she has retained her zing!

Like the Bajaj Auto strike has generated a lot of public interest. Is it because their demand to share prosperity of their organisation resonates with people?

Like MNS leaders have held BMC engineers captive. And how I wish that the Government takes courage to return the favour to the political leaders?

Like news report says that Chinese soldiers have crossed Line of Actual Control 150 times this year. That’s a surprise, I thought they were camping there all 365 days a year!

Like Lalu’s fodder scam case is running since the nineties! And that could be some fodder for thought too!

Like seeing Salman and Shah Rukh hugging each other, I felt that something must be terribly wrong. We have seen them hugging only girls all the time!