Some thoughts and some feelings Sept 13

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:
Like the nation is happy that ‘justice is done’ and the four rapists will be hanged. Sadly, that is the only good news this nation heard in recent times.
Like people celebrate death if a devotee dies natural death in a temple. And here is another extreme of some members of public celebrating death sentence of rapists. Strange that those who surrender to God and those who surrender to Satan get the same treatment in our society!
Like HE seems to be in a punishing mood; devotes carrying idols for immersions are bitten by stingray fish. Why not ask accused in Shakti Mills rape case to do the immersion?
Like news report says ‘Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan are banned for life in match fixing case, and Ajit Chandila’s case will be taken up later!’ What kind of game is being played by BCCI?
Like the news today is that GDP, Gold, Silver, Rupee and Sensex have fallen! Isn’t that irrelevant? Prices are rising and that is relevant!
And finally this: Like research at University of Southern Denmark concludes that “hangovers reduce with age!” I suppose this is so because with advancing age, wives become more powerful than men who change their habits!